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Dr. Tanaya Tarai


Dr. Tanaya Tarai

Associate Professor of Law




Dr. Tanaya Tarai

Dr. Tanaya Tarai is working as Associate Professor of law at Maharashtra National Law University, Aurangabad. Dr. Tanaya joined the university in 2018. She has a vast teaching experience of more than 26 years. Previously she served as the Vice-Principal of Ganjam Law College, Berhampur University, Odisha. Her area of expertise is Commercial Law. She is teaching courses like Law of Contract, Property Law, Law of Tort and Bankruptcy Law. She was teaching Intellectual Property Rights Law, Administrative Law and Interpretation of Statutes too. She has authored twenty research papers, published in National and International U.G.C approved Journals, on socio-legal issues and authored fourteen books dealing with the issues of women, children etc. She is not just an academic but also has an extensive expertise of handling a variety of administrative responsibilities, including the position of Chairperson of Centre for Post Graduate Legal Studies and the P.G Examinations, (LL.M), Chairperson of P.G Academic and Examination Committee, , Chairperson of Internal Redressal Committee on Sexual Harassment Cell, member of Board of Studies of the University, member of DRC, Academic Council of the University , Purchase Committee, Head of Centre for Consumer Law. In addition, she served as the Member of Executive Council of the University from 2021 to 2022, Public Information Officer, chairperson of Moot Court Association , Deputy Chairperson of Academic Committee, member of the IT Committee and Tender Committee, Chairperson of Students Welfare Committee from 2019 to 2020 etc. Additionally, she organized and leading webinars and guest lecturers for the university. She was working as Legal Officer in a Sri Lanka based company in Sri Lanka. She also served as Social Worker for the Lok-Adalat cases and associated with the District Legal Services Authority as a Trainer to the PLVs.


B.A (Economics Hons.), LL.B, LL.M (Commercial Law), Ph.D in Law. From Berhampur University (Bhanja vihar), Odisha.


National and International Journal Publications:

  1. Obligatory Gratuitous Promises: Justified Reliance and Moral Obligation, Volume 7 Issue-IV. July-Sept-2022, ISSN 2348-5590 (International Peer Reviewed UGC referred Journal)
  2. Insolvency and Bankruptcy code, 2016: Emerging Challenges and Issues, Volume 4 Issue-II. April-June-2021, ISSN 2348-5590. (International Peer Reviewed UGC referred Journal)
  3. Ocean and the Law of the Sea: A Legal and Geographical Analysis, Volume 7 Issue-V. Oct- Dec -2020, ISSN: 2348-5484. (International Peer Reviewed UGC referred Journal)
  4. Article 370: An Exception to the Fundamental Right Guaranteed by the Constitution of India, Vol-68-Issue-1-Junary, 2020, ISSN: 0474-9030 (International Peer Reviewed UGC referred Journal)
  5. The National Register: A Challenge for Illegal Immigrants in State of Assam, Vol-40-Issue-40 March, 2020, ISSN :2394-3114. (International Peer Reviewed UGC referred Journal)
  6. Revolutionary Vision of Agricultural patents in India: A legal prospective with the protection of Plant varieties and farmers Right (PPV & FR) Act. 2001., Volume 7: Issue III: Part-I: July-Sep-20 ISSN : 2348-5485. (International Peer Reviewed UGC referred Journal)
  7. The Land Rights of Tribal People in Scheduled Areas: A Critical Appraisal. , Volume 5, Issue II, April- Jun-18., ISSN : 2348-5485. (International Peer Reviewed UGC referred Journal)
  8. Advantages of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) : A Case Study on Development Programme in Tribal Areas of Odisha and Jharkhand., Vol.07, Issue -12, Dec.2017, ISSN: 2249-8672.( International Peer Reviewed UGC referred Journal)
  9. Right to Information Act- A Legal Study., Volume 4: Issue II: April-Jun-17., ISSN: 23485590., (International Peer Reviewed UGC referred Journal)
  10. Climate Change is Environmental Doldrums: In quest of a new loom through the application of Common law principles. Vol-6-issue-II-Part-III April-June 2021., (International Peer Reviewed UGC referred Journal)
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  14. The National And International Norms And Treaties For Old Age Protection., Vol-III, Issue-IV, Dec- 2015, ISSN:2347-4963.
  15. Free Legal Aid in India & Role of the Judiciary., Vol-V-Issue-II- July- Dec2015, ISSN:2320-4540. (International Peer Reviewed UGC referred Journal)
  16. Supreme Court Rule over cooling period for Divorce under Hindu Marriage Act., Vol-5 (1)-Jan-March 2015, ISSN: 2320-8562. (International Peer Reviewed UGC referred Journal)
  17. Right or Curse in Disguise, Vol-1-Issue-1-Jan-Jun- 2015, ISSN 2320-8562.( International Peer Reviewed UGC referred Journal)
  18. Abuse of Position and Rights of Girl Child, VolII-Issue-II-Jul- Dec.2014, ISSN:2347-4963. (International Peer Reviewed UGC referred Journal)
  19. Copy Right to Computer Software: A Legal Study. Vol. XIV, January - March, 2001, Part1. ISSN 2320-8562. (International Peer Reviewed UGC referred Journal)

Books Authored (International Publication):

  1. Girls Trafficking, CEPIL Srilanka, ISBN :978-93-5291-150-9.
  2. South Asian Trade & Laws, CEPIL Srilanka, ISBN: 978-93-5291- 048-9.
  3. Indo Srilanka Free Trade, CEPIL Srilanka, ISBN: 978-93-5291-125-7.
  4. Marital Rape, CEPIL Srilanka, ISBN. 978-81-936218-9-9.
  5. Gautam Budha the Light of Asia, CEPIL Srilanka, ISBN 978-81-936744-9-9.

Books Authored ( (National publication):

  1. Rights of Girls Child under Human Rights Law-A Special reference to India, Shanti Publisher New Delhi, ISBN: 978-81-9362-184-4.
  2. Women, law & Crime, J E Publisher (J.D Sales & Co.), New Delhi , 3rd Edition (Re-Printed), 2020, ISBN No. 978-93-5291-189-9.
  3. Girl Child, JE Publisher, Naraina , New Delhi, ISBN No.9788193059118.
  4. Child Labour, JE Publisher, Naraina , New Delhi, ISBN No.9788193059156.
  5. Child Abuse, JE Publisher, Naraina , New Delhi, ISBN No. 978-81-936218-06.
  6. Intellectual Property Rights, JE Publisher, Naraina , New Delhi, ISBN: 978-81-936218-2-0.
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  9. Justice for Tribal Women, JE Publisher, Naraina , New Delhi ISBN: 978-93-5291-214-8.

Conferences/ Seminars

  1. Child Labor in India & Srilanka, (International Seminar in Srilanka), Organised on International Seminar on
  2. Child Labor in Srilanka & Role of International Labor Organization in Eradicating the problems Dt.25-03- 2002,Organised by Mirigama Exporters Processing Zone Mirigama, Srilanka.
  3. Culture makes difference in Management: Applying Cultural Dimensions to Management in South Asian Countries, Cross Cultural Dimension of Management: Issues and Challenges in the Era of Globalisation, Berhampur University/ International Level.
  4. Media and Human Rights, International Conference on Role of Media And Democracy, Xavier University, Bhubeneswar, Odisha.
  5. Economical Growth and Environmental Pollution: A Study of judicial Approach, Organised by Department of Economics , Berhampur University, Odisha (Paper Presented).
  6. Human Rights and Value in Education, on 24th & 25th October 2009. Origanised by Department of Law, North Orissa University, Baripada, Odisha.
  7. The National and International Norms and Treaties for Old Age Protection, On April 18th 2010, Organised by Berhampur University (Paper presented).
  8. Protection of Computers Software under the Copy right Act, On 22.12.2010, A National Seminar Intellectual Property Rights: Issues & Challenges. Organised by P G Department of Law, Berhampur University (Paper Presented).
  9. Lifting & Living up to the National's Expectation, ,Paper presented in National Seminar on Energy Sources and Emerging Technologies on 27th and 28th August 2014. Organised by The Institution of Engineers (India) and National Institute of Science & Technology (NIST), Berhampur, Odisha.
  10. Bribery and Corruption India: Corruption in Public Office and legal remedies, Organised by University law college, Utkal University, Odisha , Dated 25th February 2018.
  11. Participated a work shop on "The framing the Draft rules for the Consumer Protection (Amendment) Act in 2019" By NLUO, Cuttack, Odisha
  12. 15 Days Refresher Courses on IPR.
  13. 15 Days Course on Law in University Level.
  14. Right to Privacy in the contemporary legal environment, Dt. October 20th, 2018: Seminar held MNLU Aurangabad headed as Co-Chair.
  15. Headed as Chairperson of a national seminar conducted in 2019 By MNLUA.

Invited Lectures on:

Intellectual Property Rights: Patent on Machinery and device related to IPR.

Projects (Completed):

  • Indo Srilanka Free Trade, Survey and Research on Bilateral Trade, Law, Rule and Regulation on Free Trade between India and Srilanka., Duration: One year., Cost of the Project : Rs. 30 lakhs Company: Colombo Stones Industries Private Limited.,Srilanka Limited Foreign Company.
  • Investment of Indian Companies in Srilanka and its future. Details research and data collection of exported goods and Imported goods.,Duration: One Year, Cost of the project: Rs. 40 lakhs, Company: D P Jayasinghe Limited, Srilanka Limited Foreign Company.

Webinars organized:

  • Principle relating to Drafting of Legislation of Statues, Dt.24-10-2020Webnair held at MNLU Aurangabad.
  • 71st Constitution Day, 26/11/ 2020.
  • 3Human Rights-Law and Practice in India, on 10/12/ 2020.

Work shop & Moot Court Competition conducted:

  • The first Workshop on Mooting Skill for the students of the university
  • The 1st Novice Moot Court competition of the University, 2019.


Law of Tort, law of Contract, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law, Property Law.

Contact Details

Official Mail Id : tanaya.tarai@mnlua.ac.in