Prof. (Dr.) Y. F. Jayakumar is having teaching career spanning over 30 years. Presently Prof. (Dr.) Y.F. Jayakumar is the Professor of Law at MNLU-Aurangabad. He was the Principal, Pendekanti Law College, Hyderabad. Formerly he was Professor and Dean, Faculty of Law, Osmania University and Satavahana University. He was a visitor to Sardar Vallabhai Patel National Police Academy, Marri Chenna Reddy Institute of Human Resources and International Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ICADR), Hyderabad.

He is a Life Member of Indian Institute of Constitution and Parliamentary Studies, and was a Member of Governing Council of Indian Law Institute. He authored and edited four books on “ Climate Change and Environmental Law” (2019), “Consumer Law and Redressal Mechanism” (2018), “Horizons of Family Law in India” (2017) and “Human Rights and New Challenges” (2015) and authored number of Articles in Legal periodicals.

Prof. Jayakumar has been invited as a panel speaker and resource person in 5th World Congress, at Halifax, Canada, in 2009 on Socio-legal Aspects of Surrogacy; Asian Law Institute Conference at Malaysia, in 2010 on Conciliation and Mediation in Family Courts; 9th World Congress at Oslo, Norway, in 2014 on Reproductive Health Care Justice. Prof. Jayakumar is subject expert in Family Law, Constitutional Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Law of Evidence.

He is the co-ordinator for production of e-content program in law based on UGC. Apart from this, Prof. Jayakumar has an association with National Law Schools, Universities and other Academic Bodies in India as Subject-Expert of UGC- Nominee. He has supervised and produced 20 PhD’s in Law of different universities.