B.B.A.LL.B. (Hons.) Semester II


The course will help students to become competent and confident in their communication strategies, with special reference to legal profession. This course focuses on strengthening the students' communication skills which will add flair to their writing, and train them on how to deliver effective presentations on various occasions. The course will also enable them to use language as a medium to express themselves in a professional manner with the help of regular discussions. The course will facilitate the students by providing them opportunities to express personal opinions, frame effective arguments, and achieve confidence in public speaking. This course will focus on enhancement of their thoughts, ideas, and vision for practical application in their professional life.


The course has been designed to understand the concept of marketing management and its policies, approaches and practices. Acquaint the students with the concept of significance of marketing and changing role of marketing management. The purpose of this course is to develop the understanding of the concepts, strategies and issues involved in the marketing of products and services. To differentiate the marketing and selling processes. To study the importance of 4Ps of marketing in manufacturing as well as service sectors.


Business and Economics are closely linked. A study of economics in a business context will help to understand the world and how business is affected and behaves as a consequence.

Business economics deals with the financial, organizational, market-related, and environmental issues faced by organizations. It covers the concepts of scarcity, product factors, distribution, and consumption.

A study of Business Economics will give a better understanding of the potential and limits of economic policy and how such policy can influence business behaviour.

This course will help to understand variety of costs associated with businesses and its application in different business settings. It will also help to understand the factors which affect the demand and supply of products. This course also enables the students to understand the level of competition an organization faces in the market and strategies to deal with the same. Few related mathematical concepts which help during the process of decision making will also be discussed in the course.


The course has been designed to understand the concept of Human Resource Management and its policies, approaches and practices. Acquaint the students with the concept of significance of HRM and changing role of Human Resource Management. To understand the concept of Human Resource Planning, Human Resource Development in Human Resource Management. To understand the concept of Training and Development with respect to organization. To discuss various concepts regarding HR and its significant role in organizational work pattern. Sensitize students how to manage people and practice of human relation and HRM.


The objective of the study relating to Law of Contract is to understand the various approaches to the word "Contract" which forms the basis of the subject "Law of Contract". The foremost reason that makes the study of the course is its wide application. In everyday life, we enter into contracts, whenever we buy anything and a contract is a set of promises which are meant to be enforced through law. This branch of law deals with law relating to those promises, their formation, performance and enforceability. This paper will include a study of general principles of contracts spelt out in sections 1-75 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872. The students will not only be well equipped with the basics of these general principles but also acquainted with the theoretical and operational processes of the law which have been codified under the Indian Contract Act 1872, to deal with various disputes relating to the enforcement of the promise/s.


The Course is designed with the objective to understand and analyze theories of law, theories of justice, legal concepts. Without a proper understanding of these concepts and theories of law, it would be difficult for a legal fraternity to understand a law in its true spirit. "Jurisprudence" is the heart of the learning of law and the legal system. The basis nature of law and the purpose of law should be clear to every learner of law and that it should be the very foundation of teaching of law. This course shall induct the learners, into a realm of questions concerning law who is then driven to seek out answers for oneself.